08 January 2012

catching up

We spent the last week of the year visiting relatives. I managed to get to a gym there twice, but then tweaked my back again. It's getting quite frustrating that I keep doing that ever since I started training again after the shoulder surgery recovery. Getting nowhere. No progress.

The fun part was that the day of our return flight I was increasingly nauseous as the flight time approached until I threw up in the airport restroom, then on the first (short) flight, then twice more on the longer flight. If I had diarrhea, now then it would have been a most excellent return trip. I went to work the following day (Tues) to get some material return for a telecon, but didn't feel too great. Stayed home the next two days. Stomach is still not 100% today (Sun).

I was cleaning up my office on Fri and found a frisbee, which reminded me of disk golf. Our department is changing buildings, so I have to pack up. We three went out and did nine "holes" late this morning, then had lunch. My wife and I did it once about twenty years ago in Baton Rouge. This course was in San Jose, about a 40min drive. Took about an hour to play with our three frisbees. Our frisbees were the standard throw and catch type. There were a bunch of guys on the course, one woman. They all had bags with multiple disk golf, well, disks. Sort of like regular golf, there are different disks for different purposes. The three broad categories are driver, middle range driver, and approach/putt. I think if we do it again, it would be nice to have a mid-range driver for each of us.

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  1. Be careful with your back and shoulder. Take good care, Brad!