16 January 2012


Our daughter baby sat for a neighbor Friday night, so my wife and I went out shopping for disk golf disks. The store only had three in stock, so we bought them all.

We went out to play in the Sat afternoon. There are two courses separated by a strip of woods so we play one round of nine holes at each. One of the course is where we went last weekend. There is a sign there that reads, "Disk golf is a walk in the park", which is what it is. The distances are around 150-500ft, where in regular golf in the distances are measured in yards, but similar numbers.

We did okay with the disks, some of the proper equipment. They travel farther on a throw than a play disk for catching, which means our aim, or lack thereof, gets us into trouble. My wife threw one up in an oak tree and it got stuck there about fifteen or twenty feet off the ground. There was a dead tree on the ground nearby so I brought over a long limb that I could hold up high enough to push the disk and get it down.

Earlier in the day there was a monthly tournament there that was two rounds each on the two courses. Turns out that the two rounds we did was a lot for my recovering shoulder.

Speaking of aches and pains. Friday's weight-training session went fine. Weights were not much more than the bar, half what I was doing before I tweaked my lower back, so it wasn't a lot of work, but the back didn't feel worse afterward. Still waiting for it to get better though.

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  1. I had never heard of disc golf before, googled it...It looks fun! How are you and the family keeping?